Monday, August 16, 2010

I've been wanting to do an Alley way series for the longest time.  Not sure why I haven't done more shooting.  Looking up was always a lesson my dad taught me.  Look at things from another angle.  See what's there.

iPhone Adventures

I love using my iphone for photographic adventures.  Finding out that you can get great perspective when using an electronic device not made for such a task.  The one connivence to having a camera on your phone is that you can pull it out whenever. Snap a shot. Catching awesome reflections in downtown buildings as your walking to work, or taking a drive with a friend to the mountains to see what treasures await you.

This 9 picture series is called "Colorado"

Nike Shox

I did this for a project that was either to be an advertisement or an editorial piece.  I chose the Nike Shox to make an ad for because I had just purchased them.  I really explored photoshop on this project.  Learning as I went I found out how to use many new brushes and fonts.  Lots of fun figuring out this program and Im excited at what I've come up with.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fruit 66

Some business work for an upcoming company based out of Los Angeles.  Long exposure making the shot look a bit more dynamic than regular product shots.  Love the color and the lighting.

Early Days

Back in my early days of photography, I gave senior pictures a try.  Easy way to get my name out to friends and family.  I enjoyed doing this work.  It was exciting coming up with different compositions and poses.  
"Give me a smile...Look over there...Tilt your head a bit to the right....PERFECT!"

Light the fire

I love light.  The way it moves, and how your eye watches it always.  I cant help but watch cars headlights as I drive (dangerous I know).  This shot is a favorite of mine. My eye goes everywhere. The questions that is asked often of this shot is, Where is this? What's going on? Take a guess! Long exposure + Zoom makes for a pretty exciting my eyes :)